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Source: Baghdad ISX
3 Journalists detained in Baquba
10/09/2012 19:37:00

Baquba (NINA) – In a search raid carried out on Monday, Sep. 10, in Baquba, a security force arrested three journalists.

Head of Diyala Media and Public Relations, Turath al-Azzawi, told NINA that in a search raid carried out in Tahreer neighborhood, police force arrested three journalists, without stating the reason.

He added that the three journalists, Rafid Ismael, Marwan Zaidan Khalaf and Khalid Abdul Aziz, work at Diyala Satellite Channel. / End.

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The Electoral Conference Of IJS Starts Reporter and photographer of al-Hurra TV channel injured north of Babylon
IFJ expels Israel from membership of the Federation Breaking News .. The Egyptian authorities shut down al-Baghdadiya and al-Rafidain TV channels
Six journalists injured in Mosul Two Photojournalists survive an assassination attempt by a roadside bomb in Mosul
Massoud Barzani, confirms the importance of the media in political, economic and humanitarian development in the society Motahedoon Coalition calls on the government to hold its responsibilities in the protecting the lives of journalists
BREAKING NEWS. Photographer of Altaghyir satellite TV channel killed by indiscriminate shelling on Ramadi. The Central Criminal Court holds its first hearing on the killed journalist
Brother of journalist killed by a Kurdish officer denies receive financial compensation from Talabani's wife A journalist injured in Hilla
Baghdadi newspapers withhold against assassination of a journalist Breaking News.. Iraqi Journalists Syndicate announces that Baghdad Operations Command received the killer of their colleague Mohammed Bedaiwi
Nujaifi prevents Iraqiya channel to enter the parliament building Nujaifi prevents Iraqiya T.V from entering the Parliament
Mahmoud al-Mashhadani Calls on the Media to Adopt National Speeches that Focus on Unity Cameraman and his assistant among those killed in Hilla bombing
Delegation from ICRC visits NINA MP: closing up the Office of Babylonian T.V is desperate attempt to undermine free media
28/07/2014 22:25:00

An unidentified aircraft targets a house in western Anbar, kills two , wound three

28/07/2014 22:21:00

A soldier killed, another wounded in Haditha, western Anbar

28/07/2014 21:09:00

Two Peshmerga killed, three others injured in a roadside bomb in Northeast of Baquba

28/07/2014 21:08:00

Barzani inspects Peshmerga troops in Kirkuk

28/07/2014 20:25:00

Maliki calls on Political Forces To Forget Their Differences and Form Strong Government

28/07/2014 20:18:00

A massive campaign starts in Ramadi to expel armed elements

28/07/2014 20:11:00

Baghdad Operations Command: Four terrorists killed

28/07/2014 20:11:00

Iran Calls Foreign Ministers Of Member States Of The Committee On Palestine To Meet In Tehran

28/07/2014 17:37:00

Basra governor's secretary injured in sticky bomb

28/07/2014 14:39:00

President Massum : We wholeheartedly work for the formation of a national government based on real power-sharing.

28/07/2014 13:54:00

Police chief of Dhuluiya denies withdrawal from the HQ

28/07/2014 13:47:00

Large numbers of the Islamic State elements flee to Kurdistan

28/07/2014 13:42:00

Senior official of (IS) killed in Baiji

28/07/2014 13:33:00

The Air force strikes a gathering for (IS) in Nineveh

28/07/2014 12:36:00

intense clashes in Ramadi between police and (IS) kill and wound dozens from the two sides

28/07/2014 12:05:00

Breaking News...Baghdadi representative killed in an airstrike in Mosul

28/07/2014 11:37:00

Air strike kills 150 elements of the Islamic State in Mosul

28/07/2014 11:31:00

Nine of (IS) killed in a air strike north of Babylon

28/07/2014 11:19:00

Islamic State Prevents Eid prayers in Mosul

28/07/2014 10:51:00

Human Rights Minster: There Is Duplication of International Institutions In Dealing With What Is Happening In Iraq

28/07/2014 10:46:00

Liberal Battalions in Nineveh kill two elements of IS and wound a third

28/07/2014 10:46:00

Seven civilians injured in air bombing on Badush, western Mosul

27/07/2014 22:43:00

President Masum confirms the depth of the friendship between Iraq and Germany

27/07/2014 22:32:00

UN calls on Masum to work to bring the points of view of all components of Iraq

27/07/2014 22:23:00

Military units impose its control over the regions north of Fallujah after clashes with the ISI

27/07/2014 22:16:00

Jaafari and U.S. Ambassador discuss the political and security situation in Iraq

27/07/2014 22:08:00

Two policemen and / 4 / volunteers from the popular mobilization wounded by a roadside bomb northeast of Baquba

27/07/2014 22:02:00

The headquarters of the Army came under mortar attack east of Fallujah

27/07/2014 20:35:00

Army Aviation bombards the dens of the ISI in Fallujah

27/07/2014 20:24:00

Military Intelligence announces the killing of 34 terrorists from /ISI/ in Dhuluiya