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Source: Baghdad ISX
Mahmoud Aldham: Use of foreign expertise has become an urgent need to promote the investment sector.
23/06/2012 09:05:00

BAGHDAD / Nina / the head of Al-Erada waltaqeer (Will &Change) coalition Mahmoud Aldham said that "The use of foreign expertise has become an urgent need to promote the investment sector and to improve the domestic gross." calling" the ministries intend to implement the projects should give these projects to foreign companies because of its expertise. "

He said in a press statement today, " local companies are not eligible to complete projects with a high standard because of what Iraq has suffered from years of blockade affected the development of these companies, pointing out that the ministries suffer from the continued low rates of completion for the entire annual budgets".

Aldham explained that "the routine in the ministries had a negative impact on both, local and foreign companies for the completion of the projects, despite the fact that the allocation of the ministries in the budget of 2011 was the largest in decades considering, passing laws is not enough for the success of investment in Iraq." / End

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Sales of dollar by the CBI decline on Wednesday auction. Sales of dollar by the CBI decline on Tuesday auction.
Sales of dollar by the CBI rise on Monday auction. Turkish Minister of Energy: Kirkuk-Ceyhan line unusable due to repeated attacks
Central Bank allows opening accounts for money transfer companies in the bank Furat al-Shara describes the adoption of the budget by the end of April / miracle /
Nineveh Governor: The province will witness a wide movement of a construction investment projects KRG denies sale oil to( Black Diamond) Company
Sales of dollar by the CBI rise on the end of the meetings this week. A large fire in the compound of oil and gas lines near Baiji
Iraq signs a contract with the Korean / Daewoo / to develop al- Zubair field Fire put out in oil well in southern Mosul, after a month of being exposed an act of sabotage
Minister of Finance by interim confirms in Washington commitment by Iraq to secure foreign investor in Iraq. Sales of dollar by the CBI rise on Wednesday's session.
Safi emphasizes the importance of supporting the International Finance Corporation to rehabilitate Iraqi companies An office in Dubai to facilitate customs procedures for merchants and dealers with Iraq
Sales of dollar by the CBI go down on Tuesday's session. Economist asserts that the delay in approving the budget is a major cause of the high rate of inflation
Finance Minister looking in Washington with the IMF supporting of Finance Ministry. Sales of dollar by the CBI rise on Monday's session.
24/04/2014 22:11:00

/ 3 / explosive devices defused in Baquba

24/04/2014 21:47:00

/15/ civilians, including two women and a child killed and injured by the bombing of residential neighborhoods in Fallujah

24/04/2014 21:27:00

Mladenov attends virtually explanation for the voting process at polling stations

24/04/2014 21:13:00

/12/ Civilians wounded by a car bomb in Kirkuk

24/04/2014 19:34:00

An officer killed, another one and a policeman wounded by a roadside bomb in Baquba

24/04/2014 19:27:00

/ 68 / Wanted men accused of different issues captured in Wasit

24/04/2014 18:42:00

Educational Supervisor wounded by a roadside bomb in Jalawla district in Diyala

24/04/2014 18:26:00

/ 4 / civilians injured by a roadside bomb south of Mosul

24/04/2014 18:21:00

One civilian killed, and two others wounded, south of Mosul.

24/04/2014 16:08:00

Iraq- Kuwait , bilateral relations.

24/04/2014 15:48:00

Joint Operations announces the killing of two gunmen in southern Ramadi.

24/04/2014 15:23:00

Four people wounded of one family by random army shelling on Falluja.

24/04/2014 15:06:00

Three policemen killed , western Anbar.

24/04/2014 14:51:00

/ 12 / gunmen killed. east of Ramadi.

24/04/2014 14:41:00

/ 5 / policemen killed and injured , west of Anbar.

24/04/2014 14:17:00

Mottahidoon coalition calls on Diyala population to unify their stand and deter terrorism .

24/04/2014 14:01:00

Two civilians killed in Mosul.

24/04/2014 13:22:00

Sales of dollar by the CBI rise on Thursday auctions.

24/04/2014 12:31:00

Senior Amir in the al-Qaeda killed in Anbar

24/04/2014 12:19:00

Five camps belonging to ISIS destroyed in Hamrin mountains

24/04/2014 12:05:00

Gunmen killed in clash with army in Mosul

24/04/2014 11:59:00

An army officer, a Syrian gunman killed in clash in the Iraqi-Syrian border in Nineveh

24/04/2014 11:56:00

Gunmen kill four soldiers in Mosul

24/04/2014 11:51:00

Four elements of ISIS killed southern Fallujah

24/04/2014 11:29:00

Polling station blown up in Anbar province

24/04/2014 11:18:00

Senior Economist accuses Parliament of being helplessness for not passed the budget

24/04/2014 11:17:00

House of chairman of Hit council detonated by IEDs

24/04/2014 10:50:00

Araji : The Iraqis will change the scales by "white revolution"

24/04/2014 09:52:00

MP: The next PM will be from the National Alliance exclusively

24/04/2014 09:45:00

IED goes off in Kut