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Source: Baghdad ISX
Malikis European tour very important for oil, energy sectors
10/04/2009 23:17:00

Baghdad (NINA) Official talks between Iraq and Russia started on Friday, April 10, in Moscow. Maliki met, in his second day of the visit, with Russian President, Dmitriy Medvedev, and Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, with whom he held talks dealt with the deep rooted relations in various fields.

Malikis visit comes part of a European tour that includes France and Britain.

The Iraqi delegation reflects the nature of the issues that will be dealt with, it includes the Foreign, Defence and Electricity ministers as well as experts from the Ministry of Oil.

A source at the Kremlin shed light on the issues to be discussed by saying, they are related to opening a new phase in the course of developing friendship and fruitful cooperation between Moscow and Baghdad, clarifying that both sides will discuss regional issues, including stability in the Gulf, beside joint works and cooperation in the fields of oil, gas and electricity; that would affirm Russian firms participation in Iraqs reconstruction and development, as well as activating mutual political, cultural, scientific and technical relations.

Russias Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, expressed hope that Malikis visit would contribute in developing Iraq-Russia trade and economic relations.

For his part, Russian Energy Under secretary, Anatoli Yabuvisky, said that, The talks will concentrate on Russian companies participation in executing Iraqs oil and gas projects and paying special interest in discussing issues related to the fate of previous agreements concluded by Russian firms with Iraq to invest in western Qurna oil field.

Early in April, Iraqs Oil Ministry took a step, described of being an expression of good intention, of including three Russian companies to a list of nine international oil companies in preparation to sign with them oil and gas investment contracts.

On the eve of Malikis European tour, talks centered on oil and gas contracts, as well as other fields, in which Maliki expressed Iraqs intention to develop and strengthen its relations with Russia and France, who have long and strong relations with Iraq, praising their positive stances towards Iraq; especially Russia who wrote off $ 11 billion of Iraqs debts and France who wrote off 80% of its debts on Iraq.

With regards to Iraqs relations with France; Baghdad and Paris reinstated their military cooperation through signing a contract that include Iraqs purchasing 24 transport helicopters, which is the first military contract between the two countries since 1990. In his visit to Iraq on the 10th of last February that was the first to a French President since 1921, President, Nicolas Sarkozy, suggested an unlimited military cooperation.

It is worth mentioning that Malikis talks in France will cover various issues, while during his visit to Britain, Maliki will meet in London with Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, they will jointly chair a conference on investment in Iraq to be held in the British capital.

It is worth noting that Western Qurna Oil field alone contains a reserve of over 20 billion barrels of oil; while Iraqs Oil Ministry is carrying out plans to rehabilitate Iraqs 78 oil and gas fields of which only 15 are being utilized. / End.

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22/07/2014 23:11:00

Breaking News .. /27/ people killed and wounded by a car bomb and mortar attack southeast and north of Baghdad

22/07/2014 22:41:00

Army forces bombard groves south of Buhriz in Diyala

22/07/2014 22:36:00

EU confirms its support for the Iraqi government and the unity and sovereignty of Iraq

22/07/2014 22:30:00

Two civilians wounded by a roadside bomb in Baquba

22/07/2014 20:12:00

An attempt to target the Spyker base by the ISIS foiled

22/07/2014 20:06:00

Nujaifi discuss with the U.S. ambassador means to speed up the election of the president and prime minister and the conditions of Christians and displaced

22/07/2014 19:05:00

Al- Fadhila delegation discusses with al- Jubouri the political developments and efforts to choose the Presidential candidate

22/07/2014 18:45:00

/7/ Elements of the ISIS killed, one of them believed to be a foreigner during clashes with the army east of Ramadi

22/07/2014 18:31:00

A civilian wounded in a car bomb explosion west of Anbar

22/07/2014 18:28:00

Fighter jets bombed ISIS gatherings in Rawa

22/07/2014 17:51:00

Archbishop of Mosul, demanding the federal government to protect and preserve the rights of Christians.

22/07/2014 17:39:00

Speaker discusses with Egyptian ambassador the importance of Iraq to be within Arab community.

22/07/2014 17:29:00

Allawi calls upon the United Nations to intervene to save the oppressed people in Iraq , including Christians.

22/07/2014 17:20:00

Barzani's party, call on the PUK to choose a single candidate for the post of President of the Republic.

22/07/2014 17:18:00

Kurdistan Presidency denies Barzani's visit to Tehran.

22/07/2014 15:32:00

Alwataniyah coalition condemns the indiscriminate rocket attacks and shelling of unarmed civilians in Hawija.

22/07/2014 14:56:00

Sales of dollar by the CBI rises on Tuesday auction.

22/07/2014 13:59:00

/ 45 / terrorist of Daash killed in west of Mosul.

22/07/2014 13:46:00

Airstrike kills senior official and six other members of Daash in Mosul.

22/07/2014 12:33:00

No political consensus precedes tomorrow's session to elect president

22/07/2014 12:15:00

Iraqi House Speaker: More than 100 Nominees For Presidency

22/07/2014 12:03:00

Governor of Baghdad: More than 120 projects in the Baghdad's belt area stooped due to security situation

22/07/2014 10:54:00

The Electoral Conference Of IJS Starts

22/07/2014 10:47:00

Air strike kills 14 terrorists, including Arabs, in Fallujah

22/07/2014 10:41:00

Araji calls to exceeds quota system as much as possible

22/07/2014 10:10:00

MP holds Washington, Western countries and international organizations responsible for the protection of minorities in the country

22/07/2014 10:06:00

Kurdish MP: we will attend Wednesday's session with one candidate

21/07/2014 22:55:00

Military units launched a major military operation to storm Qarma area east of Fallujah

21/07/2014 22:44:00

/30/ Vehicles for the ISIS destroyed and killed those who were in them in Mosul and Anbar

21/07/2014 22:35:00

/100/ terrorists killed, / 6/ vehicles burned in the Albu Hadeed al- Nasser in Fallujah